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Workshop on Strategic Planing 


Workshop on Strategic Planing was organized under the Project Strengthening Roma Ashkalia and Egyptian (RAE) representation and integration”  in order to develop Strategic document for the NGO “RAE Council” from Konik Camp. The Document was developed in cooperation with the RAE Council representatives and  accepted by all participants....

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Strengthening Roma Ashkalia and Egyptian (RAE) representation and integration
In order to develop capacities of the civil societies in RAE population in Montenegro and their services, HELP - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. i Caritas Luxembourg implements...
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Announcement for the second Call of Proposals for sub - granting
Announcement for the second Call of Proposals for sub - granting under the Project 'Strengthening Roma, Ashkalia, Egyptian (RAE) representation and integration'...
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Lejla Emini - a young woman from Konik
Lejla, a 16 year old Roma girl from Konik camp in Podgorica is one of the beneficiaries of the EU-funded project “Assistance program for integration and return of RAE...
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Commissioning of minibus donated by the German embassy
As a support for the desegregation process of Roma and Egyptian school children from the camps in Konik the German Foreign Ministry, through the German Embassy...
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International Roma Day 2014
On 8 April 2014, the International Roma Day was celebrated around the world. In honour of the first international meeting of Roma representatives in 1971 in England, this day is...
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Vocational training
Vocational training is organized in cooperation with the Center for Vocational Training of Montenegro and the Center for Education and Training from Podgorica (ZOPT) within...
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DORRA - Roma women’s handcraft at “Bazar unikata”
The artistic-craft workshop DORRA for Roma women has presented its work at the “Bazar unikata” event that took place at the “Bazar” Shopping mall in Podgorica...
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Children from Konik participate in setting up of birdhouses in Gorica park
08.11.2013: Agency for Environment Protection in cooperation with the “Omegasound“ company from Podgorica has organized placing of bird houses on Gorica...
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Distribution of cargo bikes for waste collection
Distribution of cargo bikes for waste collection for 15 Roma I/DPs income generation program beneficiaries from the camp in Konik, took place on Friday 27th of September...
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Vocational training for Roma Refugees from the Konik camps
On Monday 23rd September, the introductory class of vocational training for 12 Roma Refugees from Konik camps 1 and 2 will take place in Help’s office facilities located in...
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An exhibition of photos 'The forgotten refugees of South Eastern Europe' took place at the German...
An exhibition of photos 'The forgotten refugees of South Eastern Europe' took place at the German..
The Deputy Chairman of Bundestag Dr Wolfgang Thierse from the Socialdemocratic Party of Germany has opened on Thursday 6th of July 2013 the exhibition of photos named...
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German Embassy in Podgorica provides funding for installation of a solar system...
On Wednesday 10.07.2013 at 10:00 hours, H.E. Mr. Pius Fischer, German Ambassador in Podgorica will officially put into operation the system for solar heating...
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Football matches with Konik Camp
Every Friday evening, Help e.V. is organizing mini-football games between the team „Roma Camp Konik“ and a chosen team of Help-employees....
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Establishment of NGO 'RAE Council of Konik camp'
In April 2013, the sector leaders from the camps in Konik have organized themselves and founded their NGO called 'RAE Council of Konik camp' with the assistance of Help...
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Roma Health Mediation

In cooperation and with financial support of OSCE Help at the end of April organized a 1 day study visit for the Montenegrin Ministry of Health officials to the Ministry...
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Visit to Konik kamp

Representatives of the Serbian Ministry of Health (Assistant to the Serbian Minister of Health, Dr. Dubravka Saranovic-Racic and Dragan Djordjevic) and Montenegrin...
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Netko got a house

One of the most popular individuals in a coastal town of Bar, the thirty-year-old homeless Netko Sinanović, has received keys to his very own house from representatives of...

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