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Our working principles

1. Some Facts

We help regardless of race, religion or belief: Help is politically and religiously independent. We support needy and refugees, especially children, regardless of their nation, religion or belief. Our assistance is based solely on the degree of distress, in which the people are.

We help you quickly and provide long-term prospects: Help ensure every humanitarian crisis immediate aid, usually within 24 hours. Especially important for us is, even after the acute crisis the needy not to let them down and identify long-term prospects. We are one of the few organizations active 10 years after the end of the war still in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Iraq, we are the only German aid organization, despite all the security problems with water provides humanitarian aid projects and demining.

We are effective and economical: Our administrative costs are below 5%. With only 16 employees at the headquarters in Bonn, we are currently conducting 80 aid projects in 15 countries with a total of 25.8 million euros due to (figures from 2010). This is only possible through the close cooperation with local organizations in developing countries.

We have been awarded the DZI seal: This so-called "donations TUV" examined annually German aid organizations after your credibility, the level of administrative costs and the general procedure. Help is on DZI (German Central Institute for Social Issues) tested and recommended for years because of its economical and careful handling of donations.

2. Working principles

Help adheres to the principles and rules of conduct for NGOs that have been working for Humanitarian assistance from the Foreign (ashh) developed and adopted. Help is a member of ashh.

As part of its membership "Germany's Relief" at ashh and the alliance of charities Help is actively involved in the development and improvement of cooperation and standards in humanitarian aid.

Help is a signatory to the Code of Conduct for emergency operations of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Help adheres to the "Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in emergency response" of the Sphere project.

3. Principles of project work

At the project level, based on the following principles help


Help believes that the creation of decent living conditions should be priority of our project work. There will always be differences in values ​​among different groups, communities or people who meet together in the work of Help. Therefore, a consensus and local preparedness must be ensured to enagieren for the common goal of the project at the beginning of each project.

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Help pays attention to local groups or communities not just passive recipients of charity remain, but bring their expectations and needs of the project and be involved in the planning and implementation. The creation of access to basic livelihood such as housing, drinking water, food, education and income are typical areas where the contribution of local partners and local communities is essential for a successful project are.


The first step towards sustainability is the acceptance of the project by the local partners and target groups. This requires the active involvement of the social structures and support through these structures. As disadvantaged groups are encouraged to express their needs and implement, with the support of Help. Help support existing local structures and promotes the transfer of project responsibility through these structures after the end of the project period.

A typical example is the promotion of Serbia in the creation of local organizations and cooperatives to support small businesses.

Another example can be found on the Indonesian island of Nias, where water and sanitation committees were established in the villages. These now take over the operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems that were built with the support of Help.

Equality of men and women

Help respects with all his projects on the promotion of equality between men and women. As women in many developing countries are the breadwinners of the family, but are rarely considered in the social and political decision-making, help trying to strengthen the status of women at every level. Help has been my experience that only the close involvement of women in EVERY project, can ensure the sustainability of the project.

Environmental protection

We seek development aid and environmental protection together. Help build on the protection of natural resources and climate change. So Help is a global renewable energy used in its construction projects only certified wood and promotes waste separation and waste disposal.

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