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Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe - Annual report 2012

Montenegro: Fire at Roma refugee camp

A fire destroyed almost the entire refugee camp Konik I in Montenegro, where help to implement projects for marginalized children and young people. Help provided by the fire for the burnt offering lunch and now participates in the reconstruction of the camp. In a project visit the living conditions of Kosovo refugees were documented with photo and camera, a traveling exhibition is planned for 2013.

Montenegro: Roma in Konik: Prospects for Refugees

Help - Help for self-help support Roma in camps Konik I and II in Montenegro. Children and young people are cared for and receive assistance to kindergartens and schools to visit the inhabitants of the camps receive support from social workers and job opportunities for refugees to be created.

Support for families with authorities and school

In addition, the Roma families are integrated into the projects, they are supported with authorities and provide them to access to the labor market in Montenegro are possible. Mothers receive training on nutrition and disease prevention for their children.

An important focus is on access to education for children and young people to create a school attendance and completion, a foundation for a better future for young people.

House building after major fire in Konik I

2014, solid homes are built for the 2012 burnt by the fire in the refugee camp Konik I accommodations. The families affected by the blaze were supported directly by the fire and got next to foods first transition tents and container. With hygiene training and awareness training to various recycling options, the next step to improved living conditions of the refugees will be addressed.

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