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  About Help
To the handling of donations - transparency and control are important to us

1. What are the administrative costs to Help?

Help receives each year from the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) issued DZI seal. Help is on the cost of administration, donor advertising and public relations in the lowest category below 10%.

The criteria for the award of the seal can be summarized as follows:

- True, clear and factual advertising,
- Verifiable and economical use of resources,
- Clear and comprehensible accounting,
- Audit of financial statements and submission to the DZI
- Internal monitoring of the governing body by an independent supervisory body.

Help in 2011 had a total budget of 29.8 million euros, the expenditure on general administration at € 569 374 (1.97%) who were donors for advertising and public relations at 461 103 euro (1.6%). Together are the 3,57%.

Help commissioned an accountant for the financial statements and will be checked by a reputable external audit firm for 27 years.

2. How is the management controls for Help?

Help is a registered charity. The volunteer Board of Directors, in which current and former members of the German Bundestag and the incumbent Justice Minister Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger involved, controls the management. For this purpose, meetings are held twice a year.

The General Assembly relieved the Board and meets once a year. Also help in the 4-eyes principle applies in the allocation of goods and services. Our projects are evaluated by funding agencies and / or external auditors.

3. How are employees paid or services from you?

Help is not a fund-raising consultant. Help employs a fundraiser that has a style similar to the civil service employment. There are no performance-related bonuses paid.

A part of the public work is funded by our corporate partners, such as Poster circuits, production of the help balloons, events, etc. Some services agencies free of charge or at greatly discounted prices are provided. (It still exists, the people who work on the Robin Hood principle and of us - all in the service of a good cause - do not want money).

Account for donations
Konto 2 4000 3000
Commerzbank Köln
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  DZI Siegel  
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